Manufacturer Standards

At Panzer Performance we stress preventive maintenance. It can be the difference between an enjoyable ownership experience or terrible one. We follow all manufacturer maintenance tables, and use only the best parts to keep your vehicle operating like the day it rolled off the assembly line.  



Specialized Service







Repairs and Warranty 


When it comes to repairs Panzer Performance is hard to beat. We have all the required tools, factory trained technicians, and a passion for these vehicles. Using only the best parts available and the collective know how of the technicians we are capable of anything required to get your vehicle back on the road. Our warranty is our promise to you the customer, we offer a 4 year or 40,000 mile warranty. We strongly believe we are the best and stand behind our work. 


Proudly offering the full range of Liqui Moly products

At Panzer Performance we have tried about every oil on the market. We found that Liqui Moly's stringent quality  standards and their wide range of manufacturers approvals to be the defining reason we use their products. Rate the top brand of oils in Germany for several years stand as testament to the product.


Just some of the work performed at Panzer, from battery drains to oils leaks to drivability concerns. 


Warranty details.

Warranty is only validate when parts are provided by Panzer Performance. Warranty isn't for wear/tear items (IE brake pads, drive belts, or fluids)

There is no warranty on parts used for performance or racing applications.