Track days / by Tom Panzarella

Not only do we love our work, we also love racing. Track days are a great way to test your car and test your skill in a safe, controlled racing environment.

Our locations proximity is less than 2 hours away from America's oldest road course, Sebring International Raceway.  Together with our Florida weather allows the track to be open year around.

So the steps are simple:

  • find a club
  • sign up
  • get your car inspected

Sebring is a big, fast, and bumpy track. It will put your car's systems to the test. We at the very least recommend a brake fluid upgrade, oil change, and replacing anything questionable before heading out. Once out there, you will be setup with an instructor. Some of the skills that one would expect to acquire and/or hone would be car control, braking points, and apexing. 

It is truly a unique experience that will leave you wanting more!